Why Choose Synapse Pilates?

About Synapse

Synapse Pilates was founded by Derrick and Kelly Cope in 2004 and was the first Pilates Studio in China. Synapse quickly became well-known as a center for quality instruction and our teacher training program which began the same year has been the main propellant for the professional Pilates centers now developing around China.

International Recognition

Synapse Pilates training courses meet international teacher standards.

Modular Progression

Synapse Pilates training courses are modular. Our courses consist of 3 course series. Each course series is composed of multiple 16 hour courses. Courses can be taken individually or as part of a series. Most courses are scheduled over the weekend for convenience. see Course Progression

Evidence-based Theory

Synapse Pilates courses contain the latest research-based evidence concerning teaching and learning movement. Topics covered within our courses include anatomy, biomechanics, motor control, teaching skills, as well basic and advanced pilates exercises. See Course Description

Practical Application

Synapse Pilates courses empahsize practical work outside the classroom. Synapse Studio has daily classes which are available for observation, participation, and practice teaching by students. Each course series includes around 100 hours of practical work thus help the student to build confidence and skill.