Group Class Policy

It our sincere hope that your exercise experience with us at Synapse Pilates is a healthy and positive one. In an attempt to ensure this for all of our clients, we ask that you read and understand the policy below.

Reformer Packages
  • Group reformer classes are only available in 10 session packages.  Class packages are valid for 12 weeks from date of purchase and can be applied towards any of our open registration classes.
    • Packages can be paid for by credit card in our main studio (Tomson Center) or by cash to any Synapse instructor before or after class.
    • Refunds are available on an individual basis. An administration fee of 300rmb will be deducted.
    • Completed and expired classes are non-refundable.
    • Clients will be issued a user name and password once a group class package is purchased.  Clients may then use this login information to access our online scheduling system to reserve class spots.  Clients must reserve a spot to ensure participation in a given class as spots are limited (6 spots per class at Vizcaya Studio, 7 in Tomson, 8 in Kerry).  To schedule a class, visit the online scheduling link at the top of our webpage:  Online Scheduling.
    • Clients will be sent an email  notice for all confirmed scheduled classes.
  • Synapse Pilates offers two forms of reformer group classes – open and private.
    • Open classes are available on a first come first serve basis via online scheduling (see above).  See studio schedule for open class times.
    • Private sessions are available for groups of 5 to 7 clients who purchase 10 session packages.  Clients must find their own group participants for private groups and should contact Synapse Pilates to determine class times.  Clients that are part of a private group class do not need to schedule online as you have dedicated spots.
    • Clients who are part of a private group may make up one missed class by attending one of our open scheduling classes.  Please speak to your instructor or contact the studio to schedule a make-up session.
    • In the case of holidays or vacations, classes will be cancelled for a mutually (instructor and group) agreed upon amount of time.
    • Cancellations require at least a 24 hour notification.  Please contact your instructor or the studio to cancel an appointment.  Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be deducted against your package.
Group Class Etiquette
  • Many of our classes are scheduled consecutively.  Thus, in order to ensure everyone gets a full 60 minute session:
    • All classes will begin promptly on time.  Please make sure to arrive a few minutes before class to allow time for changing, sign-in, socializing, etc.  If you are running late, quietly enter the studio and assume your place on a reformer (the instructor will do their best at that point to get you properly caught up).
    • Clients should sign in at the beginning of each class so that the studio has a written record of all classes attended in the case of any computer errors or schedule disputes.
    • As a courtesy to waiting classes, clients are asked that to depart the studio/room in a timely fashion to ensure the next class can begin on time.
    • Clients should wear exercise clothing that will enable the instruction and themselves to see their body moving.
    • Clients should notify the instructor if they have any health problem(s) or injury (including current or recent pregnancy) that may adversely affect or restrict their ability to exercise.
  • Pilates exercises are complex and require precise control of the body. As with any exercise there is the inherent opportunity for injury. Instructors will do their utmost to keep clients safe while providing a challenging workout. Synapse Pilates and its instructors cannot be held liable for any injury sustained in the studio.