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What is Kyphosis?

August 24, 2015 — Derrick Cope

Recently a client asked me about Kyphosis and whether or not it was a reason for concern so I decided to do this weeks blog post on the subject.

A small amount of kyphosis (convex curve) is normal in the upper spine. As is lordosis (concave curve) in the lower spine.

Too much curvature can be problematic aesthetically (poor posture) and functionally (sore muscles, less mobile). Extreme curvature can cause pain and require medical attention, but most cases do not and are reversable with exercise.

The most common type of kyphosis is just "slouching" and usually accompanied by rounded shoulders and forward head .

Perhaps I am biased because of my profession, but it seems to me that good postures are on the decline due to lifestyle changes involving computers, ipads, and smart phones.

The good news is Pilates is excellent for correcting Kyphosis and improving posture. Helpful exercises include: (1)swan, (2)dart, and (3)scarecrow.

A fitball can be a great tool as well!

Just lie over the fitball supine, as pictured, and extend the arms overhead. Make sure the neck isn't over arched